Beef Brisket is the ultimate BBQ cut for all at Fox Hat, cooked low and slow for 12 hours plus. Its beefy, oak smoked flavour is to die for. Throughout the cooking process, the rendering of the internal fats make sure it remains moist and tender.

Beef Short Ribs are a versatile and amazing cut for bbq. They can be a meat lollipop due to the shrinkage of the meat on the large bone, shredded up for tacos or burritos, or as part of a meal on a plate. They have a lovely soft texture and a wonderful taste.

Pulled Pork is soft and melt in the mouth, unmistakable pork taste yet flecked with little flavour bombs in the sweet bark. This is a great party dish, simply served on rolls with a slaw, a pickle or two and hot sauce. Perfect for any occasion!

St Louis/Spare/Baby Back Ribs; Who doesn’t like ribs?!?! Our Pork ribs are a spice rubbed and sauced mouthful of joy! With a bit of resistance left in the meat and crackle in the bite of the bark, they are a sure fire recipe for success.

Chicken Wings; Like pork ribs, there can never be enough chicken wings. Smoked and sauced they are an amazing snack, a canape, a starter, or part of a platter. They are perfect! For the ultimate chicken savouriness, try eating the crunchy wing tip. Literally the best bit!!


Slaws- pit beans – vegetables – salads – mac and cheese- mash – rolls – pickles – the possibilities are endless.


Personally created and made to compliment the smoking experience.


These are only the basics of what we like to, and can, smoke. We can smoke-roast whole chickens/Sirloins/Rib Eyes/Standing Rib Roasts, to name but a few. There are many other dishes that work well smoked too.

We love the collaborative, creative aspect of tailoring menus for all our events. Nothing about what we do is generic, we love the creative, authentic experience of combining food, drink, music and friends.

Although our main focus is on meats we are able to cater for specific dietary requirements as part of any event.